"Green Spring Academy Shoreditch truly offers a fantastic world of opportunities"

“If it wasn’t for Green Spring Academy Shoreditch, I wouldn’t be going to university.”

“My head of year was so supportive and helpful, especially during stressful times.”


We are extremely proud of our alumni students. Each year, an astounding proportion of our Year 13 students secure their places at top universities around the country and even abroad, including institutions within the prestigious Russell Group organisation. Amongst these are aspiring doctors, lawyers, dentists and engineers, and we are thrilled to see our students choosing career paths which so strongly reflect the values of good citizenship we aim to instil.

As well as those who choose to further their studies at university, we are equally proud of those who choose other directions, such as apprenticeship schemes or entering straight into the workplace. Many of our students have gone on to build fantastic and rewarding careers in sectors such as business, retail, management and hospitality, but no matter which direction they have taken, GSAS alumni have one thing in common; the ability to make decisions for themselves based on what is right for them, using the skills they have developed throughout their education to become proud and successful citizens in the 21st century.

We are pleased to be able to share with you the student profiles below, which offer an insight into what it means to belong to the Green Spring Academy Shoreditch Sixth Form alumni.

Abdul Fahim

GSAS always told me, “You have to do something that you love in order to enjoy it.” As a Mechanical Engineering student at City University London I finally understand it, because I love what I do and that helps me to keep going and keep working hard even at difficult times. As I face my first year exams I have enjoyed learning lots of interesting and different things but it is because of my love of the subject that I am able to invest all my energies in understanding every facet.

The best advice I would give to GSAS students is do what you love. If you are still in secondary school then start thinking about what you really like to study and research those areas to get a feel for what it involves. And if you are at the stage where you have to make the decision on what course to apply to and you are not sure then don’t rush in and make a quick decision. You might regret it later, I know a few people who have made that mistake. Think about what subjects you are doing now and look into courses related to them and look into what sort of jobs you can get into after doing that course.

GSAS also taught me to be independent, I’ll always be grateful for that because that’s what I need every day of my university life now. I still have a long way to go but all these experiences and lessons have made my path simple and my goals easier to reach. Try to be independent; don’t always ask for help without trying and researching because when you get to university you won’t have someone there to check your work and help you with every question.

Arif Uddin

As a student at the Warwick Business School studying management since September 2016, I have realised that my success here is because of my intrinsic motivation driven by the fact that I am studying what I enjoy.

GSAS provided me with a huge amount of support and advice throughout the UCAS process; this is complicated when you are also really busy with your studies, so having time to make the right decisions is not easy. GSAS provided me with realistic deadlines and aims throughout the whole UCAS application.

One word of advice I would give to GSAS students, is that universities are brands; buying into a top brand is hard work so don’t be complacent in your studies, look at your time at university as an investment for your future.

Sandhra Samuel

Through my time at GSAS I didn’t realise how much help and support I was given. I miss the teachers as they were always willing to help and offer advice, whereas now I have to go through the course handbook. Having a set timetable also gave me so much structure, which isn’t the same at university – you don’t realise the consequences of missing a lecture until you are revising! Through my time at GSAS I learned how to manage my time and work effectively, which has been invaluable in my first year at university; independent study is the key to success.

My advice would be to listen to the staff at GSAS; they have your best interests at heart and want you to succeed. Try your hardest and do not give up because it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Asha Ali Hersi

University life is a wonderful experience; learning from leading experts in their fields, meeting lots of new people and having the opportunity to undertake charity fundraising and various sports. GSAS has really helped my transition to university by introducing different study techniques, advice on how to manage my time and help in developing an independent learning culture.

The big difference between Sixth Form and university is how independent you’re expected to be with your learning – try to build these skills while at Sixth Form to make the step up easier.

Muzakhir Hyder

Enjoying Sixth Form and learning as much as possible whilst there is so important to achieving at university. The ability to be responsible for your own learning prepares you for university. My advice – utilise effective revision techniques and learn how to budget, this will all help in preparation for university.

The help and support in selecting the right course is so important, as when you are at university that is all you will be studying. I am enjoying university life but the amount of freedom is the biggest change from Sixth Form.

Mazhar Hussain

Left in academic year 2014-2015
Royal Drawing School – Art Foundation Year

I look back fondly at my time spent at GSAS having grown in maturity and knowledge, this is down to the fantastic array of projects and opportunities on offer which open up new experiences for all.

The journey towards studying Art at the Royal Drawing School Foundation Year wasn’t without its complications, but due to the ongoing support, time and energy given to me by my teachers, I am now studying a subject I am incredibly passionate about.

To date this is still my biggest achievement having been one of only 44 applicants selected out of 400 portfolios that were submitted.

I really feel I have benefited from studying a foundation course and am thankful I chose to do so at GSAS, it has helped me realise that I want to carry on developing my creative flair and study an Art degree.

To all current Sixth Formers, I want to say that no opportunity presented to you should be wasted and that every experience you receive should be seen as a way to increase your own learning.

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