The Green Spring Education Trust is a charitable organisation, which originated at Green Spring Academy Shoreditch. The Trust has a proven track record for school improvement and achieving academic excellence and is committed to providing young people of all abilities and backgrounds with the education and support they need to flourish. The Trust is made up of a team of highly-skilled professionals, with expertise across a range of areas, including education, law, corporate finances, human resources, and government policy and planning.

Having secured a reputation for success with Green Spring Academy Shoreditch, the Trust now aims to develop this in other schools and academies around the country, sharing the educational practices which have produced such exceptional results at GSAS. The aim is to emulate this success in schools across the London area and beyond, to ensure that all young people have access to the education they deserve. In order to do this, schools within the Green Spring Education Trust will grow the best teachers through extensive support and a wealth of career development opportunities. Building and maintaining relationships with local communities will remain a high-priority across all future member schools, striving for social action and creating an environment where students are able to develop their skills for future success in the modern world.

For further information about the Trust, please visit where you will find a more in-depth view of its background, aims and vision for the future.