Sixth Form Leadership Opportunities

Sixth Form Leaders allows students the opportunity to develop their presentational skills, engagement within community projects and capacity to work and lead with groups of other students within the Academy. Our Sixth Form Leaders are core to the student voice model, leading on various projects and most recently the presentation of their training session at The Allen and Overy-for OFSTED training.

Sixth Form leaders have the opportunity to become ‘Subject Reps’. A Subject Rep allows students to support and work in conjunction with students and staff within a subject area that they’re passionate about. This allows students to participate in a range of activities from, Ofsted training- to supporting other students within their field through modelling or teaching.

Students are given the opportunity to further their entrepreneurial skills, job prospects, trip opportunities, communication skills and having an impact on social action. With this breath of experience students have furthermore developed their prospects of getting into the employment of their choice or their desired University.

Our current Sixth Form Leaders are role models for the school, working conscientiously to develop our Community reps, Student Council and Subject Rep model for autonomy across the Academy.