Welcome to our Sixth Form – Our Offer

We deliver academic excellence and an exceptional student experience at post-16.  We offer a bespoke curriculum depending on the needs of each student.  We ensure our students leave us at 18 fully prepared to compete on a global stage; contributing to society as independent, successful, skilled and motivated young adults.

The curriculum has been specifically designed to reflect the ambitions and interests of our young people.  Lessons are designed to inspire and challenge students whilst also preparing them for the demands of further study and independent learning.  We offer a tailored curriculum for each pathway, which allows us to meet the needs of all students who wish to continue their studies further, regardless of their strengths and abilities.  So whether the ambition is to go to university, follow a vocational career or become their own boss, we have a personalised approach that meets the needs of all of our students.

We want our students to achieve their very best academically, socially and personally at this important stage of their lives.  We therefore provide extensive support and tutoring for each and every young person as well as extra-curricular opportunities and positions of leadership.

The decisions to be made at Sixth Form can have an important influence on students’ futures. With this in mind, we work hard to ensure every Sixth Form student has access to the best support, advice and guidance possible. This package of support is provided through our University and Careers Programme which offers a structured programme of events, trips, workshops and taster sessions, as well as mentoring and support delivered by teaching staff, professional organisations and businesses, university partners and our alumni of students.

If you would like to apply to GSAS Sixth Form, please visit our Admissions page for further information.