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Year 5&6 Open Evening

On Thursday 28th September, prospective students and parents/carers were welcomed to the academy.  Year 7 students, who were just 4 weeks into their time with us, gave our visitors a guided tour, so that they could explore all areas of the academy and see a range of subject areas for themselves.  The visitors then settled into the main hall to hear a welcoming speech delivered by Ms Montgomerie, Acting Head of School and Dr Ogden, Interim CEO.  The evening’s ‘pièce de résistance’ were personal testimonies eloquently provided by a group of Year 7 students, which left the audience mesmerised.  They were also treated to an impromptu speech written by Zara Khan (below), which was the Year 7’s personal aide memoire for the day.  The speech so impressed Ms Montgomerie, that she felt compelled to read it out to the captivated crowd (with permission of course!).

It was a busy evening with a terrific atmosphere and we look forward to working closely with our parent/carer community over the coming months.

In the meantime, do contact us anytime to arrange a personal meeting and/or a tour of the academy with a member of our Senior Leadership Team.

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Zara’s speech

Good afternoon parents/carers and of course children.

Welcome to Green Spring Academy Shoreditch.

My name is Zara Khan and I am in Year 7. My first few weeks at GSAS have been fantastic. The lessons at this school are brilliant and also the after-school clubs here are interesting.

The first club I attended was girl’s football. The fact that I joined girls football was so I can work as a team and make new friends. I love to learn new things, and I think there are a lot of opportunities in the academy. There are a range of after-school clubs here, but I mostly enjoy girls football the most. There are also clubs for different year groups too. Girls football teaches me skills and techniques and especially perseverance to other students.

I love to be competitive in girls football, so I can work to my best potential and aim for my goal. The more you work the better you become. Although I did start girls football in primary, I still try and work even better. The coaches make it challenging so you enjoy yourself the most.

You should always keep trying and never stop. Work hard and never give up. In the future I will try new clubs and get to know people more, so I can be more confident. Attending more clubs helps you learn more independent things.

Be the best you can and you will achieve what you are aiming for.

Thank you for listening to my speech, and have a great afternoon everyone.

Zara Khan, Year 7 student